Our ATV/RZR Vehicles and Rates

At Ouray Mountain Adventures we want you to experience the absolute best nature excursion and we offer lots of options. When you’re getting ready to head out and explore the majestic mountains of Ouray, you’ll need to choose the vehicle and we provide the choice of a Jeep or one of our ATV/RZR vehicles. If…Continued

Getting Started with Your Jeep Adventure

Did you know that Ouray, Colorado has been dubbed the “Jeep Capital of America”? A four-wheeling excursion in the middle of the mountains and serene nature is one of the most amazing and memorable experiences and we offer plenty of flexibility in how you wish to enjoy it. Rent a Jeep, take a tour with…Continued

Ouray Mountain Adventure Policies

Are you planning on spending the summer experiencing the stunning Ouray mountain trails in one of our Jeep rentals? If so, you’re in for a unique and truly unforgettable experience set amidst the lush flora and fauna of nature. Before the fun can begin, you’ll still need to make sure you’re following all of the…Continued