Ghost Towns for Experienced 4WD Enthusiasts

While Colorado has plenty of ghost towns that can be accessed by the general public, some of the most fascinating ones are those that are tucked away high in the mountains. These places demand the use of a four wheel drive vehicle and make for quite the adventure if you’re experienced enough behind the wheel.…Continued

Two Memorable Roads to Explore

As the world’s so-called Jeeping capital, Ouray and its surrounding areas boast more than 500 miles of roads that are all ready for four-wheeled vehicles. From the jaw-dropping scenery to the incredibly rich history, there are plenty of roads to explore and we’re here to share two of the highlights. River Road (also known as…Continued

Explore Ouray on a Golf Cart

While Jeeps may be our forte, they’re not the only type of vehicles we offer our customers. If golf carts are your preferred method of getting around, we have you covered. If you’re planning on using one of our golf carts, the pickup for a full day rental begins at 9 am and the drop…Continued