All About Our Ouray Hot Springs

All About Our Ouray Hot SpringsA major highlight of the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs here in Ouray is of course the hot springs. We highly encourage our guests to enjoy the facilities which are open 24 hours a day. However, access is limited exclusively to adults between the hours of 10pm to 8am.

The mineral hot springs come from deep below the earth, reaching the surface at a sultry temperature of 156 degrees which is then cooled to a safer temperature with the cold water we add. We do not add any additional chemicals to the in or outdoor hot springs tubs.

Our Indoor Adults Only Sanctuary is the only tub of its kind that you’ll find in Ouray. The cozy room provides great views as you relax and the in-out water system ensures that each day you use the springs you’ll be stepping into something completely new.

If you prefer something indoors check out our Outdoor Soaking Tub that has a wonderful waterfall feature that’s also a beautiful sight to behold along with the flowers and plants. This tub doesn’t have any jets so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderfully serene ambiance.

This update is provided by Twins Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs.  Our Ouray lodging, full-service hotel has seven different room types including rooms for couples or families with children.  Our amenities include hot springs, a free breakfast, spectacular vistas of the mountains, and much more.  For additional information on our Twin Peaks Lodging location, please call 800.207.2700 or visit us at 125 3rd Avenue Ouray, Colorado 81427.