Are You Ready to Go Off-Roading?

granTurismoIf you’re looking to experience the incredible thrill of off-roading, few states match the excitement of Colorado. A rich backcountry, beautiful trails, challenging roads, and fascinating towns like Ouray collectively create an experience unlike any other. Keep in mind these basic tips if you’re embarking upon your first off-roading adventure.

Planning ahead is a huge time-saver that will minimize the headaches and stress. Book early and plan each day according to where you’re headed. We strongly advise to bring along a friend until you get some experience under your belt and have had sufficient time to get a little dirty.

During your off-road adventure, there is a possibility a route may be above your skill level. You should always be ready to turn around and head back if necessary. It’s also a good idea to carry additional fuel, food, and water. Ensuring you have a spare tire is also recommended as the terrain may cause damage.

Off-roading may take you into some of the more remote parts of nature, which means communication may prove difficult. Having a mobile phone is smart but you may wish to find other means of staying in touch. You never know if the area you’re in has spotty coverage.

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