Colorado’s Ghost Towns: Part 2

ghostTownsP2Earlier this month, we spotlighted some of the fascinating ghost towns in and around Ouray you can explore during your Jeep excursion. We’re continuing our series with some additional towns to explore. Try something new in 2017 and get to know Colorado’s intriguingly rich history!

Located on the Alpine Loop National Scenic Back Country Byway, Capitol City is a ghost town founded in 1876 by George T. Lee who once hoped it would become the capital of Colorado. In fact, Lee would go as far as to build a mansion made of brick in Capitol City with the intention of becoming the governor. Although Lee’s plans didn’t work out the way he had hoped, you can still catch a glimpse of what Capitol City was all about.

Found 12,000 feet atop the Continental Divide, reaching Carson City is not for the inexperienced or those with time constraints. The work involved in reaching the ghost town pays off once you’ve caught a glimpse of its stunning vistas and fascinating historical structures that take you back in time to the days when mining camps were aplenty. Carson City was established in 1882.

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