Colorado’s Ghost Towns: Part 3

ghostTownsP3Last month, we continued our look into the various ghost towns in and around Ouray you can explore while you’re out navigating in your Jeep. We’re continuing with the third part of our ghost towns to explore. Discover unique pieces of history and familiarize yourself with Colorado’s intriguing history!

You’ll find the town of Alta at 11,800 feet, just off of Highway 62 not too far from Telluride. Coincidentally, its name translates to “high” in Spanish. Once an active mining camp, Alta never officially received incorporation as a town and even during its peak, its population was still relatively small at 100 people. It is arguably one of the best kept secrets and today, you can still see outhouses, cabins, and a boarding house. Make sure to drop by the nearby lake before you leave.

The Town of Guston was established during the mid 1880s with the purpose of serving a trio of large, rich mines, including the Yankee Girl. At its peak, Guston’s population was about 1,000. Interestingly, the town was the only one in the area to have a church for a number of years. A mine whistle served as the means of informing the population church was in session.

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