Don’t Miss These Must Visit Trails

What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you have dreams of going to a city like Paris and experiencing the Eiffel Tower, or you’d like to try the thrill of off-roading. If the latter piques your interest, one of the best places to do it is in Colorado, near Ouray of course. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting trails you can try, provided you have the experience.

We’ll begin with Imogene Pass located just outside of Ouray close to Million Dollar Highway. This trail is incredibly high in its elevation, which means those afraid of heights should consider something else. However, it is also incredibly scenic. Imogene Pass holds the distinction of being the second highest vehicular mountain crossing in the entire state of Colorado.

Corkscrew Pass isn’t too far from Animas Forks, one of the Colorado ghost towns which you should absolutely try and visit if you have the time. You may find yourself having to make a strong effort to keep your eyes focused on the road because of how colorful Corkscrew Pass can become.

If you’ve been off-roading in Ouray and beyond, what are some of your recommended trails?
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