Get to Know Red Mountain Pass

jeepAdventure2One of the most exciting albeit treacherous mountain passes in Colorado is Red Mountain Pass. Closed earlier this month for two days due to an avalanche, the pass has since reopened.  It straddles the divide separating San Juan and Ouray County and it is named after the nearby Red Mountain. The mountain’s name comes from its iron oxide laden rock.

For those that plan on attempting Red Mountain Pass via a Jeep experience or even just driving through it, it’s important to remember how treacherous it can be, especially during the winter season. The pass has a steep grade of eight percent and on its north side there are switchbacks. Despite the roads being paved, avalanches are a frequent occurrence, which can block access for a significant amount of time. There is also a section of Red Mountain Pass that’s narrow, winding, and lacks a shoulder, which adds an additional level of danger for those that are inexperienced.

If possible, it’s probably best to stay away from Red Mountain Pass until the winter is over, especially for amateur Jeep drivers. Seasons like fall and spring not only make it safer, they can make driving through the pass incredibly scenic.

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