Get Your Feet Wet on Engineer Pass

engineerPass-1Just over two miles in length, Engineer Pass is located near Ouray and winds through a portion of the San Juan Mountains. Along with Cinnamon Pass, it comprises a part of what’s called the Alpine Loop. Unlike some of the other roads with rugged terrain, Engineer Pass has been well-maintained and tends to be kept free of debris or large rock. Because of this, it’s one of the easier routes to take. It is highly recommended that you use a 4WD vehicle but, if the conditions are favorable, you can also navigate Engineer Pass with a 2WD vehicle provided you’re skilled enough.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle you’ll run into during your experience on Engineer Pass is the traffic. It’s common to see motorcycles, ATVs or other vehicles also exploring the road. Besides that, there are really no other major obstacles and it remains a good option for first-timers. Though its length may seem short, the incredible scenery is well worth the relatively short trip.

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