Off-Roading Experiences on an Epic Level

alpineLoopIn previous blogs, we’ve made it a point to distribute our recommendations between trails that are ideal for experienced pros and those best suited for beginners. For today’s post, we’re focusing on the off-road trips that best embody the word ‘epic’. These are the roads that have been around for decades and have some of the most challenging terrain.

When it comes to the gold standard of off-roading, chances are most people will agree it’s the Alpine Loop. Passing through just over sixty miles of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, several ghost towns, a pair of alpine passes, plus Engineer and Cinnamon pass, it truly is an epic experience.

Mosquito Pass soars at more than 13,000 feet and it is located between Fairplay and Leadville. It is known for its various rock obstructions, the creek crossings, and fearsome drop-offs. In fact, it can only be passed during a certain period of the year. With its unpredictable weather, it can be highly treacherous. If you can take on the challenge, however, you’ll be in for an exhilarating experience and some truly stunning mountain vistas.

Imogene Pass is one we’ve mentioned before. Located near Telluride and Ouray, the views are delightfully pretty. It also passes through the ghost town of Tomboy, which makes for an interesting drive. However, with steep drop-offs and few turnouts, it is not for the faint of heart.

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