Tips for an Optimum Off-Road Experience

breathoftheWildWhen you’re about to explore the open trails of Ouray and beyond, we provide the reliable vehicles to help you enjoy the numerous splendid sights you’re sure to encounter. Of course, it never hurts to be as prepared as possible when you’re off-roading, and knowing what to do will only help to make the experience a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Keep an eye out. If you think you’re approaching a spot that will require additional traction, put the vehicle into 4WD before you approach it to lessen the odds of getting stuck. Try and make it a habit of glancing over the hood and keeping an eye on the left and right so you can anticipate what’s coming on the trail.

Relax. Speed is certainly an adrenaline rush, but it isn’t always necessary when the terrain gets rough. Today’s off-roading vehicles are designed to pull you over obstacles without having to get too crazy about revving the engine.

Mind the signs. As thrilling as it may seem to venture off into potentially uncharted terrain, keep to the trails and be aware of any posted signs. Pick up after yourself and be respectful of the environment so others can enjoy it.

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