Two Memorable Roads to Explore

astocaRidgwayAs the world’s so-called Jeeping capital, Ouray and its surrounding areas boast more than 500 miles of roads that are all ready for four-wheeled vehicles. From the jaw-dropping scenery to the incredibly rich history, there are plenty of roads to explore and we’re here to share two of the highlights.

River Road (also known as County Road 17) begins in Ouray and starts off being called Oak Street. The road will eventually lead through Box Canyon before transforming into an amazing journey as drivers make their way to Ridgway. As you travel along, you’re going to come across beautiful ranch land and plenty of sights worth capturing.

For a drive that will only take you about an hour or two, County Road 1 is a well-kept secret. It can be reached via several routes found in or near aforementioned Ridgway and it will take drivers on a scenic path consisting of meadows, ranch land, and more. Definitely, check it out during the fall to admire the foliage.

These are just two of numerous trails ready for you to explore on your Jeep. Have you discovered any exciting trails? Let us know!

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