Your Necessary Guide to Wheeling Trails

Off-road driving is sure to bring plenty of appealing moments that is unless you get stuck and stranded. With the vast amounts of fully capable off-road vehicles available to trump any obstacle, knowing how to traverse a trail is necessary for you to be able to put your rig to good use. Here are some essential guidelines to follow when wheeling your off-road vehicle.

Know Your Vehicle

Before pursuing your adrenaline packed off-road trail, take a step back and appraise your rig, provided you have not done so already. Become familiar with the width, length, and even approach angles and take a look underneath. Seek out any weak points that may be affected by the harshness of off-roading and use that information to avoid catastrophe.

Scout the Terrain

So now you know your vehicle, but do you know what you will be up against? Feel free to exit your fortress and monitor the terrain to relieve you of any unexpected surprises. Keep a good eye out for potential water crossings and always take caution when there is snow present as the ice underneath will turn your rig into a figure skater. That water-filled pothole you may come across could also be soft mud that is deeper than it looks.


Your guided momentum will typically guide you through difficult obstacles, such as sand, mud and especially steep hills. Every off-road rid will meet its demise at some point, so if you are stuck, do not spin your wheels trying to get out because that is your ticket to dig yourself deeper. Instead, take it slow and reverse a couple times and if that does not work, then it’s time for a winch or tow.

With these guidelines, you are now capable to prove to your off-road vehicle that you can guide it to success on the trail!

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