Ouray Jeep Trails

The Beauty of Imogene Pass Awaits

Among the most popular trails in Colorado is Imogene Pass is a point-to-point trail encompassing just over seventeen miles located in the vicinity of Ouray, Colorado, featuring beautiful wildflowers and boasting a difficulty considered to be moderate. The trail is used primarily for scenic driving and off-road driving and is best used from March through…Continued

Unleash the Power of the Jeep Gladiator

The San Juan Mountains and the various trails are sights that deserve to be added to your bucket list and explore, but to do so you will need a rugged vehicle. If you’ve been to our website or read older posts, you’ve likely noticed our slowly expanding selection of vehicles that we have available for…Continued

We’re Revved up for the 2020 Jeep Jamboree

Is 2020 the year you’ll be participating in a Jeep Jamboree? These are great opportunities to meet like-minded people and explore the sights! Such jamborees are a long-standing tradition that has persisted since the early 1950s when pioneer Mark A. Smith took the initiative to launch the first ever jamboree, setting a course through the…Continued

Your 2020 Off-Roading Experience Awaits

We hope your 2020 is already off to a great start! We can’t wait for you to experience the thrill of Ouray Mountain Adventures and to show you why off-roading in Ouray is something not to be missed. With its various mountain passes found high above the mountains, all you need is the right vehicle…Continued

Red Mountain Pass Awaits

Red Mountain Pass is one of Colorado’s most challenging and dangerous mountain passes. It straddles the split between San Juan and Ouray County and earns part of its name from the nearby Red Mountain. The rock laden with iron oxide also plays a role in the name. It is imperative to remember how treacherous Red…Continued

Take on Engineer Pass

Engineer Pass Road is a point-to-point trail comprising just over twenty miles, found close to Ouray, Colorado. As a moderate trail, it is meant for people with experience, and that experience includes a gorgeously scenic waterfall. The route is best used between June and October. Though it may be November, there is no harm in…Continued

Colorado’s Tucked Away Ghost Towns

Among the most exciting activities when exploring Ouray and beyond is discovering the wealth of ghost towns which now serve as remnants of Colorado’s mining past. While many of them are fairly simple to reach, you may find that the ones tucked high away in the mountains are harder to reach yet more intriguing. When…Continued

Test Your Skills on These Trails

Among the many enjoyable aspects of venturing off on a Jeep to explore one of the trails is the many different options available to people of all skill levels. Today we’re concentrating on a few of the trails intended for those who like to live on the wild side and laugh in the face of…Continued

Oktoberfest Is Around the Corner

Less than a month remains until the arrival of the Oktoberfest celebration in Ouray, Colorado. This annual tradition offering something for every member of the family features lots of authentic German food, Polka fun, activities for the little ones, costume contests, friendly competitions and perhaps most notably, the chance to win a brand new Jeep!…Continued

Choose Your Jeep Experience

  What type of off-road vehicle do you want to use to explore the Ouray mountains? With our varied assortment of vehicles, we have several different choices available to help you explore the terrain and admire the sights. Our fleet of Jeep vehicles is always being upgraded with the latest and greatest rides. The two-door…Continued