Beautifully Scenic Jeep Trails

Part of what makes the off-roading experience in Ouray so fantastic is admiring the vast scenery as you explore the trails and become encircled by the lush sights of nature. With so many different trails each offering their own distinct personality and adventure, you may be wondering which of these are the most scenic and deliver a big bang for the buck. Allow us to provide a few suggestions.

Off-roading requires practice to able to take on the more rugged trails. Ophir Pass is a great mountain pass that’s friendly to beginners while still being popular for those with more experience under their belt. It’s definitely one to add to your list, especially during the fall season when the sights are absolutely spectacular.

At one point in the past, Last Dollar Road played the role of a supply route for Ouray and its neighbor Telluride. The road is easy to navigate as it winds through gorgeous aspen forests, serene ranches, and it also provides exquisite vistas of San Miguel Canyon as drivers make their way to Telluride.

The curiously named Brooklyn Road is known for its vistas of the famous Black Bear Pass, a trail best left to those with sufficient experience. The road is quite picturesque, passing through sights that were once active mining areas, the St. Paul Lodge, and more. Make sure to practice caution if it’s raining as the terrain can become slippery.

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