Choose Your Off-Road Adventure Vehicle

Have you ever looked at pictures of Ouray, Colorado and its mountains and developed a strong sense of wanderlust? Maybe you’ve thought, “I’d love to explore these mountains and venture off on the winding trails.” If that’s the case, we have a broad selection of off-road vehicles ready to take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Let’s begin with one of the most well-known brands: Jeep. Our JL Rubicon vehicles are the most recent 2018 models and are available for booking with a soft or hard top in two or four-door options. The Jeep name already has a firmly established reputation for being one of the best vehicles for off-roading and we can assure you they will deliver the performance to help you navigate the trails.

For those that prefer something even more rugged, the Polaris RZR is available in three different models. These open vehicles will definitely let you get a little dirty while soaking in the incredible Ouray ambiance.

Are golf carts your thing? No problem! We can rent you one of these for an easy breezy experience or those seeking a vehicle that is beginner friendly.

This update is provided by Ouray Mountain Adventures, Incorporated. Our Ouray Jeep rentals allow you to explore the Rocky Mountains and we offer full or half day reservations. For more information on our Jeep rental Ouray options including available vehicles, rates, and rental policies, call 970.919.1005 or 888.919.3256. You can also visit us at 125 3rd Avenue, Ouray, Colorado 81427.