Famous Colorado Pass Gets Name-Checked

What’s on your 2021 bucket list? Maybe you’ve entertained the thought of doing some more [safe] traveling and perhaps engaging in new experiences. For example, you may decide to go explore Colorado and discover its many sights and activities. The Gazette recently published an article titled “Your 2021 Colorado bucket list for outdoor adventure” name-checking a bunch of different experiences to check out.

Some of the places mentioned include the historic Mesa Verde National Park as well as Dinosaur National Monument. For purposes of this blog, however, the one that you might be interested in learning more about is Imogene Pass, one of the many Jeep and off-road vehicle-friendly passes nestled within the San Juan Mountains. The Gazette calls 13,000+ foot Imogene Pass “unforgettable” and also mentions its many sights like waterfalls, the wildflower basins, and ghost towns.

Like many of Ouray and Colorado’s most scenic and thrilling passes, Imogene Pass requires experience in off-roading. If you’re a beginner, Ouray Mountain Adventures has you covered! We can recommend some passes that are equally scenic but beginner-friendly. Likewise, for experienced off-roaders, we have the vehicles ready to take you to the soaring, thrilling heights!

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