Jeep Trails for All Skill Levels

A Jeep experience in Ouray is one that everyone deserves to experience at some point in their lifetime. Open to novices and longtime pros alike, there is nothing quite like exploring the mountains, viewing the vast landscapes, and possibly getting a little dirty. While there are trails for all skill levels, we’re going to take a brief look at three of them.

We’ll begin with Yankee Boy Basin which presents a great opportunity for novices to get their feet wet. It maintains a high degree of popularity during the summer season as that’s when the lush wildflowers are out in full bloom. Additionally, those who explore Yankee Boy Basin will discover waterfalls, cabins that have long since been abandoned, mines that once held riches, and much more.

Imogene Pass presents an experience best suited to those that have gone off-roading in the past and have experience. While the trail presents a greater level of difficulty, the Imogene Pass experience will take your breath away. The majestic mountains, the wildflowers, the 12,000+ feet of elevation, the adrenaline, it’s definitely worth trying provided you know what you’re doing.

For seasoned Jeep drivers that have spent years off-roading, Black Bear Pass is a rush, though it’s one of those trails best reserved for the pros and those that are not faint of heart. The trail is extremely narrow which means hairpin turns and some tricky slopes. For those capable of braving it, expect some stellar vistas including those Bridal Veil Falls.

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