Off-Road Safely This Summer

The majority of the 4×4 mountain passes that were closed during the winter have started reopening. With that in mind, it’s worth remembering a couple of important safety tips if you’re thinking about a summer off-road adventure.

For one, remember that depending on where you go, you may not have the best mobile phone reception due to the height or the remoteness of the area. Make sure that someone is aware that you’ll be going off-roading and which trails you intend to take on before you go.

Speaking of heights, make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated and that you have something to munch on. With the increased elevation, the air may be thinner which could make it harder for some people, particularly those that are accustomed to living at significantly lower altitudes or right by the ocean.

Know what your limits are. If the trail looks dangerous, it probably is. If you need to evaluate whether you can handle it, you probably can’t. Ouray and the surrounding areas are packed with different trails for varying skill levels, which means even beginners can enjoy a fun experience while minimizing the risks.

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