Red Mountain Pass Is Back

Mountain passes are aplenty in and near Ouray, Colorado. Among these, Red Mountain Pass has achieved a great deal of notoriety. It’s a highly risky drive and should not be attempted by anyone who is still getting used to off-roading. As a matter of fact, navigating Red Mountain Pass is treacherous enough that it was closed earlier this month because of the several feet of snow that accumulated due to a series of avalanches.

For anyone who is brave and experienced enough to take on Red Mountain Pass, there is some good news to share. After significant work that included bulldozers, helicopters, snow blowers, and even storm-related delays, Red Mountain Pass is welcoming intrepid off-roaders once again. However, eager enthusiasts should still keep a few things in mind. For one, practicing caution is still extremely important. Ice and rocks may be present and there may also be equipment on the road as workers ensure that any accumulation of snow is taken care of as promptly as possible.

Is Red Mountain Pass on your bucket list? If you have the skills and a passion for off-roading, it’s a risk with some genuinely outstanding rewards. Even if Red Mountain Pass is beyond your level of off-roading expertise, there are other trails and passes that beginner friendly.

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