Take an Off-Road Trail to Telluride

Arguably few places in the world reach the soaring heights of Ouray, Colorado when it comes to experiencing the adrenaline and thrill of off-roading. There are more than 400 miles of trails, and if you are considering a trip to Telluride, there are many routes to get there that do not require getting on the highway.

There are visually captivating trails you may wish to use while heading to Telluride, starting with the Black Bear Pass, even if the highway may be the best mode of transportation. While in terms of the number of miles it’s short, it’s extremely scenic yet we must stress that it is strictly for those with tons of experience. Black Bear Pass is composed of over ten miles of tight curves and sharp twists and its popularity is so high, several rental agencies hesitate to allow vehicles to drive through it.

Imogene isn’t quite at the same danger level as Black Bear Pass, yet the sights are as dramatically captivating. It is perhaps the second most popular trail in the area, with a stunning 13,100-foot summit. You could try Ophir Pass, which boasts a not quite as high summit, but still retains the beautiful scenery, including waterfalls and a lake found within the mountains. If you’re an off-roading novice, it’s worth considering. The trail will take you all the way to Ophir, a small town only a couple of miles from Telluride.

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