Take on Red Mountain Pass in 2021

Red Mountain Pass is one of the most demanding and risky mountain passes in Colorado. The division between San Juan and Ouray County straddles it and derives part of its name from the Red Mountain found close by. Also playing a part in the name is the rock comprised of iron oxide.

It’s important to note how treacherous Red Mountain Pass can be for someone who uses a Jeep or off-road vehicle to travel through it, particularly during the winter. The pass is moderately steep and on its north, switchbacks add to its treacherous trek. Despite continuing road paving, which can obstruct entry for a substantial amount of time, avalanches tend to be a not so uncommon occurrence. There is also a short, winding section of the Red Mountain Pass that where a shoulder is not present, supplying those who are a novice with an extra degree of danger and a huge obstacle for seasoned drivers.

It is probably wiser to refrain from attempting the Red Mountain Pass until winter has left and the warmer, less slippery seasons arrive, particularly for off-roading fans that are just getting their feet wet. Seasons such as fall and spring go far in improving traveling conditions, and they also make it a pleasingly picturesque experience to drive across the pass.

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