The Beauty of Imogene Pass Awaits

Among the most popular trails in Colorado is Imogene Pass is a point-to-point trail encompassing just over seventeen miles located in the vicinity of Ouray, Colorado, featuring beautiful wildflowers and boasting a difficulty considered to be moderate. The trail is used primarily for scenic driving and off-road driving and is best used from March through October. Dogs are also welcome on this trail.

Imogene Pass is Colorado’s second tallest driveable pass. The trip is among the state’s most exciting. You must visit Tomboy Townsite at Savage Basin, once one of Colorado’s most successful mining towns. There is still a lot of mining waste littered around. Most of it is on private property and while tempting, may prove dangerous when trying to explore

Imogene Pass is a thrilling trip that’s not meant to be taken lightly. It’s for being rocky, precipitous, and narrow in places and comes with a degree of danger. If you’re thinking about taking on the trail, make sure you have a proper off-road vehicle and plenty of experience driving. In return, you’re in for one of the most memorable trips of your life. Book your off-road trip soon!

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