The Colorado Wildflowers Await

The wildflowers are among the countless reasons why people flock to ultra scenic Ouray, Colorado. During wildflower season, the landscape becomes an exuberantly colorful showcase of natural beauty, reinforcing just how picturesque Ouray is. A great way to admire and appreciate the wildflowers is by hopping on a Jeep or off-road vehicle and driving off on one of the following trails.

We’ll begin with the longtime favorite Yankee Boy Basin. A much-frequented area, it’s an ideal spot to view the official state flower of Colorado, which goes by the name of Columbine. The Columbine stands regally near the rest of the wildflowers.

If you have years of experience and the skills to navigate tougher trails and terrain, Black Bear Pass is a thrill. The western side of Black Bear Pass will take you in a downward direction to Ouray’s neighbor Telluride and it’s only one way, which makes it dangerous. Should you explore the eastern side, you’ll find a beautiful array of wildflowers.

As one of the highest, Imogene Basin is one of the last spots to see the wildflower blooms. If you’ve missed out on other areas because wildflower is almost over, Imogene Basin may be your last chance to snap some pictures and admire the beauty.

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