The Fearsome Red Mountain Pass

Various passes in the mountains are spruced throughout Ouray, Colorado and beyond. Red Mountain Pass is one of these and it has developed a reputation for being an extremely dangerous drive. If you’re a beginner off-roader, stay away. Last year, Red Mountain Pass was so treacherous to traverse that it was closed due to the large amount of snow that had accumulated there as a result of avalanches.

There are a few things that keen off-road enthusiasts should consider. For one thing, it is still exceedingly important to exercise caution. Rocks and possibly ice could be a hazard and it’s an experience that demands attention at all times.

Does Red Mountain Pass appear on your bucket list? If you have the skills and a passion for off-roading, with some truly excellent rewards, this is a chance. Even if the Red Mountain Pass is beyond your level of off-road experience, there are other trails and passes which are welcoming to beginners.

Right now, due to COVID-19, the best thing you can do is remain indoors but we’ll be here waiting with your off-road vehicle ready once it’s safe to be outdoors again.

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