The Off-Road Challenge of 2019 Awaits

Hello and a happy 2019 to you! We are excited to welcome you to Ouray Mountain Adventures and show you the exhilarating offroad experience Ouray has in store for you. Speaking of off-roading, there is some exciting news related to one of the most infamous mountain passes in all of Colorado.

Have you had a chance to go off-roading in Ouray? If the opportunity hasn’t presented itself, you may have heard of Red Mountain Pass to some extent. It has become notorious for being among Colorado’s most difficult mountain passes where only the bravest and most experienced should ever wander. With the lack of guardrails and cliffy drop-offs, Red Mountain Pass is not for the faint of heart. If you’re able to make your way through it, however, you’ll likely agree that the stellar views are worth the risk. In fact, thousands of vehicles take on Red Mountain Pass each day.

Part of Red Mountain Pass is the famous roadway called Million Dollar Highway. The highway was recently named one of the “Most Visited Places Award” by ArrivaLIST, a travel company. Million Dollar Highway placed higher than other Colorado attractions such as the Denver Zoo.

If you have the courage and the off-roading experience, the challenge of Red Mountain Pass awaits!

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