The Process of Reopening Red Mountain Pass

Avid off-roading enthusiasts likely have a keen awareness of the notoriety associated with Red Mountain Pass. This dangerous roadway has earned a repute for its exhilaration and risk during the summer, and its challenge is even greater when winter comes around. The pass provides a connection between Ouray and its neighbor Silverton and you can find it at more than 10,500 feet of elevation.

Due to the frequency of avalanches and rock slides, Red Mountain Pass may be closed at any point. As a matter of fact, it was closed during most of March because of a snow slide. A group of dedicated individuals came together to take care of clearing over sixty feet of snow and debris to ensure Red Mountain Pass was once again safe for intrepid off-roaders. The process was considerably complex seeing as Red Mountain Pass lacks guardrails to boost safety.

Should you wish to discover more about the process involved in reopening Red Mountain Pass to the public, you can visit the following link to watch the video which may affect those that become queasy when it comes to heights: https://www.9news.com/article/features/producers-picks/this-terrifying-video-shows-what-crews-had-to-go-through-to-reopen-red-mountain-pass/73-26b02385-6bd2-4c77-9293-119033158664/.
For those of you that are thrill seekers, have the off-roading experience and wish to give Red Mountain Pass a shot, visit us at Ouray Mountain Adventures today.

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