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Vacation in Ouray? Try Off-Roading

If you’ve never been off-roading and it’s one of the things you’ve decided you’d like to try in 2020, Ouray, Colorado is arguably the best choice in getting started. With its incredible elevation, a huge variety of mountain passes, and some of the finest natural scenery in all of Colorado, it’s an experience that won’t…Continued

Fun Times and Stress Relief at Ouray Mountain Adventures

In order to survive in this society, you have to work. You have work to make a living, to support a family, to be able to buy things, and that’s just to name a few things. Work can be time-consuming and at times can be very stressful. In order to have a balance in life…Continued

Get Started with a Class 1 Trail

A mountain adventure exploring the sights and sounds of Ouray in a Jeep is an incredible, unforgettable experience. Because of the rugged terrain and elevation, however, tackling some of it requires experience. If you’re just getting your feet wet, it’s best to build towards the more difficult trails, so today we’re taking a look at…Continued

Get to Know Red Mountain Pass

One of the most exciting albeit treacherous mountain passes in Colorado is Red Mountain Pass. Closed earlier this month for two days due to an avalanche, the pass has since reopened.  It straddles the divide separating San Juan and Ouray County and it is named after the nearby Red Mountain. The mountain’s name comes from…Continued

Colorado’s Ghost Towns: Part 3

Last month, we continued our look into the various ghost towns in and around Ouray you can explore while you’re out navigating in your Jeep. We’re continuing with the third part of our ghost towns to explore. Discover unique pieces of history and familiarize yourself with Colorado’s intriguing history! You’ll find the town of Alta…Continued

Colorado’s Ghost Towns: Part 2

Earlier this month, we spotlighted some of the fascinating ghost towns in and around Ouray you can explore during your Jeep excursion. We’re continuing our series with some additional towns to explore. Try something new in 2017 and get to know Colorado’s intriguingly rich history! Located on the Alpine Loop National Scenic Back Country Byway,…Continued

Colorado’s Ghost Towns: Part 1

Halloween may be over, but if you’ve spent any time in Ouray, Colorado or one of the neighboring areas, you may be aware that its rich history has lead to ghost towns that may or may not be haunted. If you’re so inclined, these spots are great to visit while you’re exploring Jeep trails. Many…Continued

A Beginner’s Guide to Off Roading

There is arguably no better state to enjoy a superior off-roading experience than Colorado. With its backcountry, trails, and four wheel drive roads, towns like Ouray provide a great way to experience what it’s like getting lost in the middle of beautiful nature and exploring areas beyond the beaten path. The first step you may…Continued

Alternative Ways to Reach Telluride

For an incredible Jeep experience, there is arguably no other place like Ouray, Colorado which has earned the title of “Jeeping Capitol of the World”. More than 450 miles of trails can be found, and if you’re looking to visit Telluride there are several ways you can get there beyond the typical highway. While the…Continued

Off-Road Trails to Explore

For those that have never experienced Ouray, its mountain trails are essentially a rich paradise of history, topography, and natural scenery practically begging to be seen and discovered. If you’d like to experience some of this for yourself, there are a couple of particular trails worth exploring. The Alpine Loop consist of 75 miles of…Continued