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Take an Off-Road Trail to Telluride

Arguably few places in the world reach the soaring heights of Ouray, Colorado when it comes to experiencing the adrenaline and thrill of off-roading. There are more than 400 miles of trails, and if you are considering a trip to Telluride, there are many routes to get there that do not require getting on the…Continued

Who Is Going to Win the 2020 Jeep Raffle?

Some good news for Jeep fans: the Ouray Chamber Resort Association recently announced that the 56th annual Jeep Raffle is moving forward! The Ouray Jeep Raffle continues to be one of the oldest celebration activities in Ouray and continues to provide vital funds used to support Ouray college scholarships. The raffle also raises funds to…Continued

Take on More Challenging Trails

It’s all about earning experience with off-roading and being familiar with both the vehicle and the environment. The following tips for the trail are a perfect way to increasingly progress from a beginner trail to one that provides more challenge and difficulty. Last Dollar Road is suitable for those just getting started, and is truly…Continued

Off-Road Safely This Summer

The majority of the 4×4 mountain passes that were closed during the winter have started reopening. With that in mind, it’s worth remembering a couple of important safety tips if you’re thinking about a summer off-road adventure. For one, remember that depending on where you go, you may not have the best mobile phone reception…Continued

Say Hello to Silverton

Nestled in the San Juan Mountains at a little more than 9,000 feet is a town that regularly sees tourists yet doesn’t have any of the traits common with tourist traps. Silverton is still tantalizingly authentic and acts as a gateway to some of Colorado’s most stunning sights. Silverton developed as a mining-camp center during…Continued

Ouray Plans on Plowing Roads

Some interesting news was recently reported by the Ouray County Plaindealer. After extensive talks about delaying maintenance to prevent tourists from flocking into the area due to the concerns of a certain virus, Ouray County has decided to continue with its regular schedule of plowing high country roads. The plan to postpone plowing the roads…Continued

The Fearsome Red Mountain Pass

Various passes in the mountains are spruced throughout Ouray, Colorado and beyond. Red Mountain Pass is one of these and it has developed a reputation for being an extremely dangerous drive. If you’re a beginner off-roader, stay away. Last year, Red Mountain Pass was so treacherous to traverse that it was closed due to the…Continued

The Beauty of Imogene Pass Awaits

Among the most popular trails in Colorado is Imogene Pass is a point-to-point trail encompassing just over seventeen miles located in the vicinity of Ouray, Colorado, featuring beautiful wildflowers and boasting a difficulty considered to be moderate. The trail is used primarily for scenic driving and off-road driving and is best used from March through…Continued

Vacation in Ouray? Try Off-Roading

If you’ve never been off-roading and it’s one of the things you’ve decided you’d like to try in 2020, Ouray, Colorado is arguably the best choice in getting started. With its incredible elevation, a huge variety of mountain passes, and some of the finest natural scenery in all of Colorado, it’s an experience that won’t…Continued

Colorado’s Tucked Away Ghost Towns

Among the most exciting activities when exploring Ouray and beyond is discovering the wealth of ghost towns which now serve as remnants of Colorado’s mining past. While many of them are fairly simple to reach, you may find that the ones tucked high away in the mountains are harder to reach yet more intriguing. When…Continued