4Dr Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon

With legendary Jeep® 4×4 capability to take you off the beaten path and the strength to tow or haul your toys wherever you need them. the All-New Jeep® Gladiator won’t just carry you to the adventure, it’ll be a part of it. The Gladiator is the only open air pickup truck in Jeep® and has been engineered from the ground up to deliver Best-in-Class towing and Best-in-Class payload. It is unmistakable and will set new standards where ever it goes.

Rental Policies can be found by clicking HERE

– Full day rentals require the driver to pick-up the Jeep® between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm the day before. (Mountain Time)

*No Half Day Reservations are available for online booking*

– Drop off should be complete no later than 5:00 pm the day of desired rental. The Jeep® should be washed and full of gas. We do offer to wash the Jeep® for a $40 fee. There is a washing station at the Riverside Inn and Cabins on Hwy 550 about 3/4 mile after the city pool heading north. It is about $3.75 in quarters. We will provide rags to dry the jeep on request for no additional fee.

(Ex. You would like a Jeep® for the morning/afternoon of July 5th; you will pick up your Jeep® on the evening of July 4th between 6-8pm. Then return the rental on the 5th at 5pm)

-There are two insurances you can choose to select. Collision Damage Waiver (covers your deductible should you have an accident) for $19.95 and a Tire Damage Waiver (Covers one tire per day) for $19.95. (If you do your contract online, We will do all signatures in person at pick up.)

Our Jeeps® are available to meet you at the airport should you want to drive to beautiful Ouray in style. Rest easy knowing you have a car ready and waiting for you when you get off the plane. This fee is an additional $100.00 to and from the airport. If your scheduled pick up is earlier than 6:00 pm; we will bill you for the full day. (This is to guarantee your vehicle will be available.)

***Rates for available vehicles will change depending on the season. See the Home Page for current specials.***


Driver must be 25 years or older. All Drivers must have proof of full coverage insurance on their personal vehicle and valid drivers license. Documentation showing your different type of coverage is required. If your insurance card does not list your coverage’s, you can have your insurance company fax us this proof (your declaration page) to 970.325.4477. Foreign drivers insured while in the U.S. require a refundable deposit of $1000.00 USD.

Below is an example of what we are looking for on your insurance information.

The insurance card above shows the coverage’s of the card holder.

Comprehensive and Collision are the most important to be listed.




You are responsible for any and all damage to the Jeep® while it is rented to you whether or not the damage or loss is your fault and regardless of the cause of the damage or loss. Your liability will be the total cost of the loss or damage, or of the repair of the damage, up to the total retail value of the Jeep®, at the time of loss or damage, less any salvage value, plus any towing, storage, impound or other charges and full loss to OMA due to downtime of the Jeep®. If you want to limit your liability under the preceding paragraph, at the time of renting the Jeep® you may elect either or both the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and the Tire Damage Waiver (TDW).

CDW-This is not insurance coverage; it is simply an agreement between you and OMA as to who is liable for what. If you elect to take the CDW, you and/or your insurance will still be primarily liable for any loss or damage to the Jeep®. However, if your insurance does not cover everything, for example if there is a deductible, the CDW will waive any charge for whatever part of the loss or damage your insurance does not cover. In addition, the CDW will waive any charge for loss of business to OMA due to Jeep® downtime.

TDW- This insurance will cover you to one tire replacement. The spare and jack are located with the Jeep®.

Neither the CDW or TDW will be effective, even if you have paid for them, if any damage is due to deliberate or willful misconduct or misuse of the Jeep®.

Wind shield Insurance: $10.99/Per Day

Trip Cancellation Insurance: $25 (one time charge)

Cancellation Insurance can be added to your reservation up to 24 Hours prior to your arrival for a one time charge of $25 (non-refundable). Click here for a full list of covered reasons.

Cancellation Policy: You must cancel 24 hours prior to pick-up (6pm) and nothing will be charged. Inside of 24 hours you will be charged for your entire rental. Half day rentals are five (5) hour rentals, and are offered on a first come first served basis.