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Rent eBikes at Ouray Mountain Adventures

If you’re looking for an electrifying off-road experience in the breathtaking landscapes of Ouray, Colorado, consider renting an e-bike from Ouray Mountain Adventures! We have a fleet of Aventon Aventure.2 e-bikes that are designed to take your off-roading adventures to exhilarating new heights.

Explore the awe-inspiring backcountry trails that weave through lush forests, meandering rivers, and awe-inspiring mountain vistas all from the seat of an electric bicycle specifically designed for the trails. With the added advantage of pedal-assist technology, you can conquer challenging ascents with ease, allowing you to savor every moment of the adventure without breaking a sweat.

Check Out Our Ouray eBike Rental Fleet

Aventon Aventure.2 E-Bike

Choose your own adventure with Aventure.2. Its torque sensor has intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling cadence, promoting a more natural riding experience. As you ride through town or along country roads, you can switch between four levels of pedal assist and throttle to tackle hills and tricky terrain without breaking a sweat. Also, this Ouray e-bike rental is made to go beyond the average dirt road thanks to its 4” fat tires, suspension fork, and powerful motor.

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Why Rent an Aventon Aventure.2 E-Bike?

Renting an Aventon Aventure.2 E-Bike can offer a wide range of benefits and unique experiences.

Some key features that distinguish Aventon Aventure.2 from other e-bikes include:

Powerful Electric Assistance

The Aventon Aventure.2 E-Bike is equipped with a powerful electric motor that provides pedal-assist support, making it easier to conquer hills and cover longer distances with less effort. This feature is especially beneficial for riders of all skill levels, allowing them to enjoy the ride without feeling overly fatigued.

Versatile Off-Road Capability

The Aventon Aventure.2 is designed for off-road adventures, making it an ideal choice for exploring various terrains around Ouray. Whether you plan to ride on dirt paths, gravel roads, or just along the streets in town, this e-bike is built to handle a variety of off-road conditions in Western Colorado.

Comfort and Control

The Aventon Aventure.2 is designed with rider comfort in mind. Its frame geometry and suspension system help absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more controlled ride. Even on rough terrain, this Ouray e-bike rental will glide along so you can have an amazing time taking in the scenery.

Eco-Friendly Exploration

By choosing to rent an electric bike from Ouray Mountain Adventures, you’re opting for a greener and more eco-friendly mode of transportation. E-bikes have lower carbon emissions compared to traditional vehicles, making them a sustainable choice for exploring the outdoors without adding polution.

How Our Ouray E-Bike Rentals Work

Rental Options

At Ouray Mountain Adventures, we offer rentals in 2-hour increments on our Ouray e-bike rental fleet. This means you can spend a few hours off the beaten path or explore Ouray your way by hitting the mountain trails for an entire day.

How to Rent

  • Reserve your e-bike in advance through online booking
  • Call us to reserve over the phone
  • Stop by and reserve in-person

Prices and Rental Times

  • $32.50/hour
  • Pick up the e-bike at the time you specify
  • Drop off the bike at the end of your rental (no later than 8:00 pm)

Rental Requirements

Responsible Party Must Be 18+

Valid ID Required

$500 Deposit

Our e-bikes are sized for adults, but anyone at least 5’0” tall should easily be able to ride. The responsible party for the rental must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid form of identification when they come to pick up any rented e-bikes. Parents can absolutely place a rental for the entire family — it’s a great way to explore Ouray together!

For security purposes, we require a $500 credit card authorization deposit for all e-bike rentals. This deposit is refunded upon return of the bike, assuming no damage is incurred during your ride. For more information about deposits and other rental requirements, please read through our rental terms and conditions.

Riding Rules & Recommendations

  • Helmets provided by Ouray Mountain Adventures
  • We recommend closed-toe shoes for your protection
  • Riders must stick to areas designated as “e-bike acceptable” for safety reasons

Off-Roading Options in Ouray

Off-roading in Ouray, Colorado, is a one-of-a-kind experience. Known for its rugged landscapes and breathtaking vistas, this section of Western Colorado offers some of the most popular off-roading trails in the country, promising thrilling rides across diverse terrain. From gentle dirt roads to steep rocky paths, there’s a trail for every level of off-roading enthusiast.

However, not every trail in this area is made for e-bikes. You should consider taking one of the recommended trails with your Ouray e-bike rental to ensure you don’t get stuck along the way.

Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour takes you on an old mining road with impressive views of the San Juan Mountains. It’s a fun and moderately challenging ride, and e-bikes are typically welcome.

Old Horsethief Trail is one of the most notable historic trails near Ouray. It follows a route that outlaws once used to move stolen horses. It provides a mix of technical challenges and beautiful scenery and is often open to e-bikes.

Rat Creek and County Road 18 starts in Ouray and goes through Rat Creek to County Road 18, leading you through stunning mountain vistas and wildflower-filled meadows. E-bikes should be permitted on portions of this route.

Galloping Goose Trail primarily caters to hikers and cyclists, e-bikes can often use the trail as well. This off-roading route runs from Ouray to Ridgway, passing through scenic landscapes along the Uncompahgre River.

Not sure what trails to start on? We’ve got you covered! Every rental at Ouray Mountain Adventures comes with a complete map of the area’s best off-roading trails.

Colorado Off-Roading Laws

Before you hit the trails in an electric bike from Ouray Mountain Adventures, you should familiarize yourself with Colorado’s off-roading laws and regulations. Adhering to these rules ensures that everyone stays safe and enjoys their time in and around Ouray.

Stay on the Trail

The land surrounding Ouray is filled with incredible off-roading trails for everyone to enjoy. However, it’s important to remain on the trail at all times when off-roading through the mountains.

Driving off of the trails or creating new ones is against the law. illegally-built trails destroy the area’s flora and fauna. Unauthorized trail formation can also cause erosion or similar impacts on the land’s stability. These effects are devastating to public protected lands, not to mention harmful to the animals who call the San Juan Mountains home.

When in doubt, look for signs and other trail markers. You can also use the map provided by Ouray Mountain Adventures to confirm which path a trail takes.

Mind the Signs

When you take your Ouray e-bike rental out on the trails, you’ll notice standardized brown and white signs at the beginning of all routes that allow motorized vehicles on the trail. When you see a red slash through a specific vehicle symbol, the trail is closed to that particular vehicle.

When driving an electric bike from Ouray Mountain Adventures, you will want to stick to the trails that are open to mountain bikes and motorcycles. The provided map from our staff members will also indicate trails you can take.

Passing and Right of Way

There are many places along the off-roading trails in Ouray where you may encounter off-roading vehicles or other non-motorized traffic. E-bike users should note that non-motorized traffic always has the right of way, and sometimes it can be hard for Jeep or UTV drivers to spot people on Ouray electric bike rentals when they are distracted by sights on either side of the trail.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you are taking on the trails, these passing and right of way rules are always in play.

  • Passing: Slower vehicles should yield to faster vehicles unless obstacles make this impossible. This may mean you need to hug the side of a trail to let a Jeep or UTV pass.

  • Right of Way: Ascending vehicles have the right of way on off-roading trails. This means that descending vehicles (those moving down a hill) should yield and let ascending vehicles (those moving up a hill) pass.

Effective communication between trail users also helps ensure everyone stays safe on the trails when two vehicles encounter each other. If possible, talk or use hand gestures before passing or stopping to let an off-roading vehicle pass you so everyone knows what’s going on.

Be Safe

Whenever you take an Ouray e-bike rental out on the trails, safety should always be your first priority. This part of Western Colorado is very rural, and you may not have adequate cell phone coverage to call in the event of an emergency. Also, the rugged terrain isn’t fun to walk, especially if you’re lugging a broken electric bike because you attempted something dangerous.

Stay on the trails, maintain low speeds when going over obstacles and driving through areas of low visibility, and follow other safety precautions you would anytime you ride a bicycle. This will ensure your safety while enjoying the San Juan Mountain trails in your Ouray e-bike rental.