Colorado’s Ghost Towns: Part 1


Halloween may be over, but if you’ve spent any time in Ouray, Colorado or one of the neighboring areas, you may be aware that its rich history has lead to ghost towns that may or may not be haunted. If you’re so inclined, these spots are great to visit while you’re exploring Jeep trails.

Many of the mining towns were tiny places where only a few people dwelled, while others were home to thousands of residents. Many of these towns are a shadow of their former selves after having to endure the brutal winter season. However, the ruins that remain are fascinating and are often only accessible via a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Tomboy Mine was established in the early 1800s within Savage Basin. At its peak, it was home to about 900 residents before ultimately closing when ore reserves dried up by the late 1920s. If you’re an experienced person looking to explore a ghost town at high altitude, Governor Basin is home to the Virginius and Mountain Top Mines, situated at over 10,000 feet. Explore Mountain Top Mine and you’ll notice the old boarding house which still stands to this day.

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