Exciting Trails to Reach Telluride

ophiriusVisiting the town of Telluride is definitely one of the things you should do if you’re going to be in the Ouray area. But why take the traditional route when you can go on an exciting Jeep excursion? Today we’re taking a look at some of the trails you can use to visit Telluride with your Jeep.

In terms of mileage, Black Bear Pass is the shortest at just twelve. That may not seem like much, but this trail with the intimidating name is intended for those who have the experience to tackle its many thrilling narrow turns and sharp twists. In fact, many Jeep rental companies do not allow drivers on Black Bear Pass, so make sure you’ve thoroughly prepared.

For something easier, Ophir Pass has gained a reputation for being friendly to less experienced four wheel drivers. With a summit just over 11,000 feet, it’s a gorgeously scenic experience full of waterfalls, a mountain lake, and more.

Film buffs might spot some familiar sights if they travel through Last Dollar Road. The road travels past Ross Ranch which served as one of the filming locations for the 1969 American western film True Grit starring John Wayne. As a level one trail, it’s perhaps the easiest trail yet its sweeping vistas of the back country still provide an incredibly memorable drive as you make your way to Telluride.

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