Explore Yankee Boy Basin Road

yankeeBoyFor those of you that are new to the thrill of off-roading in Ouray or are seeking a new trail to conquer, we present to you Yankee Boy Basin Road. Encompassing just over nine miles, it’s a trail best reserved for those that don’t mind a moderate challenge.

When you’re getting started with Yankee Boy Basin Road, the first half of it will be relatively easy before it becomes progressively difficult. As you get further along the road you may encounter a couple of steep dips as well as some high points, so a Jeep is definitely a wise option. As with all of the trails in and around Ouray, the scenery is spectacular and definitely worth snapping a couple of pictures to share on social media.

Once you make it to the top of Yankee Boy Basin Road, you’re in for quite the breathtaking view! Remember that Yankee Boy Basin is only one of the many roads that are ideal for exploration in an off-road vehicle. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide additional recommendations on some of the most exciting trails to explore for beginners as well as enthusiasts.

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