Ghost Towns for Experienced 4WD Enthusiasts

GTWhile Colorado has plenty of ghost towns that can be accessed by the general public, some of the most fascinating ones are those that are tucked away high in the mountains. These places demand the use of a four wheel drive vehicle and make for quite the adventure if you’re experienced enough behind the wheel.

Before Denver became the capital of Colorado, George T. Lee had high hopes his Capitol City founded in 1876 would receive the honor. Alas, it was not to be. Though Capitol City never achieved the status may have hoped for, many of its remnants can still be seen.

Tobasco Mine and Mill was a large gold mining site situated near Lake City and Silverton. While most of it is gone, you can still visit the Tobasco Cabin which was built way back in 1902. The cabin is the sole remaining structure capturing the site’s once prosperous glory.

At more than 11,900 feet of elevation, Carson City established in 1882 is relatively inaccessible for most people. The drive is long and treacherous, but for those that have the skill and patience, they will be handsomely rewarded. There are many intact historical structures to admire and the views are absolutely out of this world.

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