Make Your Jeep Experience a Memorable One

JeepersIn case you didn’t know, Ouray, Colorado is considered the “Jeep Capital of America”. Taking a rugged trip through the mountains while experiencing nature is arguably one of the most incredible and memorable things you’ll ever do. To help you make the experience a reality, we offer flexibility in choosing how you wish to enjoy it. Rent a Jeep, take a tour with a someone who knows the rules of the [rugged] road, or bring your own vehicle.

While our options are intended to remain flexible for amateurs and experienced off-roading enthusiasts, they all share a common thread: the landscapes, flora, and fauna are alluringly eye-catching. If you’re about to embark upon your first trip, it’s a wise idea to kick things off with less challenging trips and also remember a few tips to ensure smoother and less dangerous trip.

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the limits of your vehicle. The terrain can be difficult to navigate and if your vehicle is unequipped to handle, it could spell trouble. Also be aware of existing road conditions and it wouldn’t hurt to do some scouting. Be kind to Mother Nature and stay on established roads and limit yourself to taking lots of pictures.

There is a chance you may come across another Jeep driver during your trip. Always remember that the driver heading uphill is the one with the right of way. This small tip could assist with preventing an accident while ensuring a smoother experience as you explore Ouray and the surrounding areas.

This update is provided by Ouray Mountain Adventures, Incorporated. Our Ouray Jeep trails allow you to explore the Rocky Mountains and we offer full or half day reservations. For more information on our Ouray Jeep rental rates and options including available vehicles, rates, and rental policies, call 970.919.1005 or 888.919.3256. You can also visit us at 125 3rd Avenue, Ouray, Colorado 81427.