These Jeep Trails Are Not for the Faint of Heart

imogenePassWhen it comes to Jeep experiences, there are the scenic trails that provide a fun, leisurely experience for beginners, and then there are the ones that offer a steep challenge. Today we’d like to highlight some of the trails intended for those that have previous experience and want to live a little dangerously.

Governor Basin doesn’t receive the same amount of attention as Yankee Boy Basin which is a good thing. An elaborate network of trails with tons of sights and plenty of switchbacks, it goes relatively unused which allows for a more private experience. As you explore the trail you’re going to come across a series of rough and jagged peaks that comprise the Saint Sophia Ridge. Because it’s not for beginners, experienced drivers will appreciate the pristine natural vistas.

Imogene Pass is nestled between Ouray and Telluride and is great if you’re seeking something challenging that you can do solo. As the second highest pass in all of Colorado, it’s as thrilling as it is scenic. The road will gradually become narrower as you get higher and if you make it to the very top you’ll be in for quite a treat: a stunning view of Ingram Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

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