Unveil the Ghost Towns of Colorado

tomboyMineThe thrill of setting off into the mountains of Ouray on a Jeep is definitely an experience you should try and do in 2018. Part of what makes that experience so appealing—particularly in and around Ouray—is the prevalence of ghost towns which provide a fascinating glimpse of the past.

A number of the ghost/mining towns in Colorado were home to only a few people, while others had numerous residents during their peak. Many of these towns were almost entirely wiped out after surviving the harsh winter season. However, the remnants remain and a lot of them can only be reached by using a four-wheel drive vehicle.

In the 1800s, Tomboy Mine emerged within Savage Basin. During its heyday, about 900 people lived there before its popularity dwindled in the 1920s as ore reserves became scarce. For those with experience willing to brave the high altitudes, you’ll find Virginius and Mountain Top Mines situated at more than 10,000 feet in Governor Basin. Head to Mountain Top Mine and you can snap some pictures of the old boarding house which is still standing.

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