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Take an Off-Road Trail to Telluride

Arguably few places in the world reach the soaring heights of Ouray, Colorado when it comes to experiencing the adrenaline and thrill of off-roading. There are more than 400 miles of trails, and if you are considering a trip to Telluride, there are many routes to get there that do not require getting on the…Continued

Who Is Going to Win the 2020 Jeep Raffle?

Some good news for Jeep fans: the Ouray Chamber Resort Association recently announced that the 56th annual Jeep Raffle is moving forward! The Ouray Jeep Raffle continues to be one of the oldest celebration activities in Ouray and continues to provide vital funds used to support Ouray college scholarships. The raffle also raises funds to…Continued

The Thrill and Danger of Black Bear Pass

At an elevation of nearly 13,000 feet and extending about ten miles, Black Bear Pass holds the status of being one of the most dangerous drives in all of Colorado. Meant solely for thrill-seekers with hefty off-road experience behind them and nerves of steel, it is a road that will test the skills of even…Continued

Can the Gladiator Trounce Black Bear Pass?

Depending on your level of experience, Black Bear Pass is either a treacherous experience intended only for the most experienced off-roaders or it’s a “piece of cake” when attempted on a two-door Jeep. In the case of the latter, a post last month on the website The Fast Lane Truck calls Black Bear Pass just…Continued

Take on More Challenging Trails

It’s all about earning experience with off-roading and being familiar with both the vehicle and the environment. The following tips for the trail are a perfect way to increasingly progress from a beginner trail to one that provides more challenge and difficulty. Last Dollar Road is suitable for those just getting started, and is truly…Continued

Outdoor Activities in Ouray See a Major Upswing

Have you explored the outdoors of Ouray lately? You may have noticed that there are more people hanging out in the campgrounds as well as renting Jeep vehicles. These people are seeking to stave off the isolation by exploring some of the more remote and not so dense areas of Colorado where they can still…Continued

Choose Canyoning in Ouray

Nestled at the base of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray serves as a community to its residents and an adventurous vacation to others. Known for its scenic views and sky-scraping mountains. Ouray hosts a variety of alpine canyons, whose scenic atmosphere has become a popular attraction over the years. Canyoning in Ouray is something you…Continued

Off-Road Safely This Summer

The majority of the 4×4 mountain passes that were closed during the winter have started reopening. With that in mind, it’s worth remembering a couple of important safety tips if you’re thinking about a summer off-road adventure. For one, remember that depending on where you go, you may not have the best mobile phone reception…Continued

A Few Famous Trails in and Around Ouray

What activities are you looking to cross off your bucket list? Maybe you’ve wanted to see the massive Grand Canyon in person or you’ve thought of upping the adrenaline with an off-roading experience. If off-roading sounds like a good time, Ouray welcomes you to discover its thrills. Let’s highlight a few of the exciting trails…Continued

Ouray Plans on Plowing Roads

Some interesting news was recently reported by the Ouray County Plaindealer. After extensive talks about delaying maintenance to prevent tourists from flocking into the area due to the concerns of a certain virus, Ouray County has decided to continue with its regular schedule of plowing high country roads. The plan to postpone plowing the roads…Continued