Choose Canyoning in Ouray

Nestled at the base of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray serves as a community to its residents and an adventurous vacation to others. Known for its scenic views and sky-scraping mountains. Ouray hosts a variety of alpine canyons, whose scenic atmosphere has become a popular attraction over the years.

Canyoning in Ouray is something you may be eager to cross off your bucket list! Warmer weather and lower water levels make August and September preferable months to go on your thrilling adventure.

Learning how to properly assess water movement may be something you’d want to consider before partaking in the sport. The water levels in any canyon are subject to change from year to year due to winter precipitation as well as heavy storms. Increased water flow can cause changes to the canyon by relocating rocks, boulders, shifting sand and dirt, and creating new channels.

Adventurers worldwide have fallen in love with canyoning. The adrenaline-filled outdoor sport allows you to navigate the canyon in different ways. The all in one activity utilizes activities such as hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, navigating through waterfalls and walks along scenic trails. Canyoning makes for a great group adventure!

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