Outdoor Activities in Ouray See a Major Upswing

Have you explored the outdoors of Ouray lately? You may have noticed that there are more people hanging out in the campgrounds as well as renting Jeep vehicles. These people are seeking to stave off the isolation by exploring some of the more remote and not so dense areas of Colorado where they can still feel safe, social distance, and soak in some much-needed fresh air.

Vacations within driving distance have seen a considerable uptick in popularity as other forms of travel see less demand. People feel safer in their vehicles versus having to share a confined space with a bunch of strangers and it’s leading to more of these activities where people can leave the house for a bit. A little bit of Google research will reveal tons on articles of how isolation and being indoors for too long can lead to negative effects on the body and mind.

According to the Ouray County Plaindealer source article, Jeep and Polaris vehicles are in short supply as people decide to explore the various trails and peaks of Ouray and beyond. These trails often wind through ghost towns and other areas where it’s mostly just the driver and the Ouray landscape.

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