Say Hello to Silverton

Nestled in the San Juan Mountains at a little more than 9,000 feet is a town that regularly sees tourists yet doesn’t have any of the traits common with tourist traps. Silverton is still tantalizingly authentic and acts as a gateway to some of Colorado’s most stunning sights.

Silverton developed as a mining-camp center during the late 1800s. The city grew to more than 2,000 inhabitants, hundreds of houses, and gave birth to the iconic Blair Street red light district as the railroad rolled in from Durango and linked the mining towns.

Just beyond the perimeter of Silverton, there are some stunning mountain valleys and majestic hills, and with a Jeep, it is relatively easy ways to experience it all. Silverton also offers access to the 65-mile Alpine Loop that has its own spectacular scenery and views that leave an attractively enduring impression.

Another great ride is Engineer Pass provided you don’t have a major fear of heights. Wherever you want to go in or outside the Ouray area, we will be happy to provide off-road transportation so you can investigate and admire the amazing scenery. You will easily begin to notice why Ouray is the “Switzerland of America”.

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