Take on More Challenging Trails

It’s all about earning experience with off-roading and being familiar with both the vehicle and the environment. The following tips for the trail are a perfect way to increasingly progress from a beginner trail to one that provides more challenge and difficulty.

Last Dollar Road is suitable for those just getting started, and is truly an amazing drive, especially when fall comes around. Extending from just outside Ridgway before coming close to Telluride, during the trail you’ll encounter aspen tree-line tunnels, creating a drive that feels like you’re driving through an interactive painting. The sunshine decreases in intensity, and the leaves drift around your vehicle in every hue.

Yankee Boy Basin is one we’ve discussed many times in the past that shouldn’t be attempted until you’re ready to upgrade to a moderate drive. As seen on this trail during the late spring and early summer season, few places offer the vibrant views of wildflowers. Keep an eye out for the twin waterfall and the cliffs, the sights are amazing!

Corkscrew Gulch is a bigger challenge than Yankee Boy Basin and it will appeal to those who are brave but don’t want it too rough. It starts about ten miles from Ouray and you will soon find that it’s a thrill to ride up switchbacks, the views are extraordinary! The feeling just gets more thrilling the higher you go.

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