The Off-Roading Choice Is Yours

Is there a certain way you’d like to explore the Ouray landscape and San Juan Mountains? With our extensive vehicle selection, we have a couple of different options so you can start exploring the natural sights and enjoying the off-roading thrill.

Our Jeep vehicle fleet includes rides like the Gladiator and the two-door Jeep Soft Top or the Hard Top Jeep which is available with two or four doors. The 4-Door Hard Top features an all-leather interior and it has space for up to five people so that you and your friends and family can hop on and enjoy the thrill. The two-door option has space for four people. Do keep in mind, however, that the hard top has a non-removable top no matter if it’s a two or four-door Jeep.

For a rugged experience where you may just get a little dirty, we have Polaris RZR UTV options like the RZR 570, the four-passenger RZR 1000 or the two passenger RZR 1000. These vehicles pack the horsepower and have lots of suspension so that you’re always in control even if the road tends to get a little bumpy.

Are you ready to start exploring? Visit the Rentals page to choose and start booking your unforgettable Ouray mountain adventure.

This update is provided by Ouray Mountain Adventures, Incorporated. Our Ouray Jeep rentals allow you to explore the Rocky Mountains and we offer full or half day reservations. For more information on our Jeep rental Ouray options including available vehicles, rates, and rental policies, call 970.919.1005 or 888.919.3256. You can also visit us at 125 3rd Avenue, Ouray, Colorado 81427.