The Summer Magic of the Alpine Loop Awaits

The days of spring are slowly coming to an end, signaling the impending arrival of summer. Ouray is loaded with different activities to enjoy, but in case you need some assistance figuring out what you may be in the mood to do, you visit The Gazette website, which published an article recently talking about “10 adventures for 2019 summer in Colorado”.

The list is packed with activities you may already know something about like spending a fun day at beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. If large summer crowds aren’t really your thing, you can choose to pay a visit to the moose capital of Colorado, which goes by the name of State Forest State Park.

For those of you that are thinking about dropping by Ouray and you’re also entertaining the thought of off-roading, then you’ll be pleased to know that The Gazette also name checks Alpine Loop. The road—which tends to remain snowfree in the summer season—is a little over sixty miles in length and will take off-roaders through places like Silverton, Lake City, and Ouray, as you might expect. The Alpine Loop also provides a wonderful opportunity to discover the once active mines and the exuberant wildflowers.

We hope to see you this summer!

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