What To Know About Four-Wheeling

Four-wheeling might seem dangerous, but it’s actually a great way to explore Ouray and the areas around it. If you’ve never done any off-road driving before, then here are a couple of tips to help you out.

Make sure you’re familiar with your vehicle. You can bring your 4-wheel drive vehicle if you have one or rent a Jeep from Ouray Mountain Adventures. Most of all, you should know your vehicle’s limits. Don’t push it too hard.

Figure out the road conditions. Don’t go off roading for your first time if there’s a lot of rain and mud. If you’re nervous about the road, it doesn’t hurt to walk it on foot first.

If you find yourself on a steep slope, go slowly and shift into a lower gear. Don’t use your brakes. When you’re relying on your brakes to go down a hill, you’re overheating them. This will damage your car and might even cause it to fail. The lower gear is much safer.

Yield to uphill drivers. They have the right-of-way! Yielding will help you avoid collisions with other drivers.

There are five classes for four-wheel drive trails and roads. Class 1 is the easiest. Class 5 is the most difficult, and requires special equipment. For your first time off-roading, you better stick to Class 1 trails.

Off-roading can be the adventure of a lifetime, but make sure to always stay safe. Keep on top of your off-roading situation and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying splendid Colorado views.

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